Rooms for you and me – (Shared from Irving, taken from Design to Inspire)

I dream, of having a beautiful vintage bookshelf (shelves), filled from tippy top to toe with the most beautiful, elegant first editions, the books I love, the books I’ve promised myself to read – from all genres, of every shape and colour.

Irving shared these pictures of architectural designs of bookshelves with me, and I am spoilt for choice for a favourite. What do you think?

I want to have whole collections of all my favourites! To fall asleep to a book! To refind a book which I’ve always wanted to read from my lover’s collections, to discover my lover has been reading the same sort of book. To discover secret messages in his books.

I grew up loving my books, and I am definitely less particular than Irving and JRV (I love a nice, woody vintage book filled with pencil scribblings) and it seems as though my romance with literature has not ended yet.

But enough of my rambling talk, and here are the gorgeous pictures (featuring some of my favourites):

Bill Kingston

Lili Abir Regen

John Barman

Eric Staudenmaier

Sköna Hem

Simon Watson

Grant White

Jan Baldwin


2 responses to “Rooms for you and me – (Shared from Irving, taken from Design to Inspire)

  • wee zakal

    Thanks for the post — I do love those shelves. I wish I had few enough books to line them upright and only one deep. At least next year I will be able to heave them out of storage.

    • unefilleelegante

      I wish I were able to arrange my books in such impeccably meticulous order! But my books are of such awkward shapes and colours, though very well loved. I am still dreaming of my perfect bookshelf(+ves, more like)

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