Victor Costa;

Blogger Jane Aldrige: “I found this 80’s turquoise Nora Noh skirt and got inspired to dress up. It was a thrift find. I’ve been looking for a skirt of this exact length and shape to wear with my new Givenchy wedges from this season. I have to admit I had not envisioned my first outfit with these gothimatrix shoes as being so colorful. I’m wearing a vintage Victor Costa bolero my mom found on eBay-for such a great price! It has got to be my favorite Victor Costa piece I’ve ever seen. The sleeves are full of tulle.

“Yesterday’s outfit: vintage silk Ungaro blouse with a plaid Prada Sport skirt. The shoes are the Prada spat shoes from Spring 2008. The necklace is vintage…my mom found it. The seller told us it was recently used on a Vogue photoshoot. No idea if this is true or not…but in any case, isn’t it blowing your mind? You have to wind it around your neck about fifty times because its so long. I couldn’t find any shirts so I went out to the garage where we keep our vintage stock and found this Ungaro blouse–think it was a thrift find. I felt like I got extra lucky finding a shirt that complimented the necklace so well.I always stick this red crinoline underneath my skirts for extra poof. Last night I wore this outfit to my friend’s going away party and I lent my tutu to some other girls throughout the night.”


“The thing I love about Jelly Garcia is that the focus is all on volume–you may have noticed that I love ‘poofy’. I am really into this double layered vest/dress I got there. It has two layers-underneath the army green ‘utility vest’ is a muslin lining and underskirt. It looks cute zipped up but I prefer it with the muslin showing.”

Her fashion blog can be found at


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