Esme and the lane way;

Finance paper in three days time – my mind is turning quicker.

And I am notorious for getting trigger-shopping-happy in times of exam stress.

Two of my Singapore blogshops (the new trend of selling self-manufactured pieces online) are Across the Bloody Universe (see: and TheScarletRoom ( The former for my formal pretty moods and the latter for my darker ones.

Two of the newly launched dresses I submitted orders for:

The gorgeous chick-yellow sugar rush bandeau dress (how could I resist) from ATBU… what a clever dress, and I love the effect of the pleats.

Also the Mayflower convertible dress in pistachio green (more your style, Irving)…it is so stunning, and one of the girls even chose it as the main theme bridesmaid dress for the day. My favourite part about the dress is that it can be converted into different styles by different manners of the tying, and the shop even kindly provides how-to-do videos (the changing face of fashion…). I love the fact that they chose satin charmeuse as the fabric…

Terribly tempted to get the one in pink too…(ps:What do you think, Irving?)

I’ve been having the Esbjorn Svensson Trio on repeat, it is seldom that postmodern jazz thrills me, as I am very much a vintage/classic jazz person, but I love the quietness in their pieces. Something I would love to put on on quiet nights, or to accompany me if I am reading Camus.


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