Nouvelle Vague

From Wikipedia:

Nouvelle Vague is a French musical collective led by musicians Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux. Their name is a play on words, meaning “new wave” in French. This refers simultaneously to their “Frenchness” and “artiness” (the ’60s new wave of cult French cinema), the source of their songs (all covers of punk rock, post-punk, and New Wave songs), and their use of ’60s bossa nova-style arrangements.

Members, former members and contributors include many French artists who are now very well known on their own and considered as part of what is now called the “Renouveau de la chanson française” (the “Renewal of French chanson”): Anaïs Croze, Camille Dalmais, Phoebe Killdeer, Mélanie Pain, Marina Céleste and Gerald Toto.

Nouvelle Vague is the titled name of one of my favourite polishes by Chanel! On a little polish-obsessed spree I recently got three darlings to add to my collection, particularly Particuliere which I have been eyeing for the longest time…

Was tempted to get the Noir collection in full, but my dress style is quite light and vintage, and it wouldn’t have worked. Nevertheless, I am quite impressed by the quality of Chanel’s polishes (I still stand by Essie in terms of application quality), and they are quite long-lasting. Intermezzo is a dreamy white pearl which is a wonder when applied with a sheen of Sally Hansen topcoat, Nouvelle Vague does well even with a shade of Essie Carnival, and Particuliere is good on its own, actually.

cgcf.jpg picture by maspic 

Also in love with Essie’s Looking for Love since I saw it on The Daily Cookie! I love the pale blue undertone when it is used for a french manicure.



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