Roses turn;

I know there has been plenty of bad love on Glee for musical lovers, but I do adore Kurt Hummel in this version of Roses Turn, he is my little Mr. Cellophane for the stage! He feels a little timeless, part of the new and yet reminiscient of the magic of the old. What do you think?

Yesterday and before it was a mad rush to finish my criminal procedure tutorial! Today it will be a mad rush to finish my conveyancing attendance note. And don’t laugh at me, for I woke up thinking of waffles with treacle and jam.

Marcus and I received news of our passes in the CFA examination! We are both so relieved and for me it will be a good break before the next level (I figured that I won’t be able to prepare in time for next June’s examination, given my December examinations), and kudos to Marcus for getting an excellent score in his papers! Marcus has been my shifu in this period especially since he learnt many of the concepts for CFA in his finance degree, and often he would laugh at me in my weird way of thinking and deducing about questions haha!

Some absolutely impractical collections in my recent wardrobe…including some adorable gifts from K (and the pink charm barbie necklace!) 

And  the lovely pair of blue Marie Antoinette shoes which I haven’t been able to wear yet (but I love the handiwork of O.H who did a beautiful job with the bows). You might remember this pair, Beansprouts!

I so understand this little passage TLP wrote…

They don’t understand, when they give it to you, that they bleed out all the joy. That stars become specks of sand and flowers fade to paper cuts. Magic should never be homework, then it wouldn’t be magic. Homework de-magics things, you see, even if you write it with quill and yellow parchment, it comes out all inkblots. I need to know about ships, and about conjurers and manticores, but I just want to play outside and read my books and sing. Forgetting shoulds and s’posed tos. It never goes away, you know, even when you’re all grown up, they just stop checking up on you. Somehow that makes it harder.



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