Miss America takes the stand…

I spent the day after lectures procrastinating generally and reading Agatha Christie’s Spider Web (absolutely captivating book, I finished it in one sitting and it is my favourite play of hers to date!) and Robert Cialdini’s Influence (quite an interesting start, though it reads abit like the Encyclopedia of Cults) over shrimps and clam chowder at LJS. Following, I stormed around rooms and did my usual fanatical round of laptop polishing and labelling of files (the earnestness of my new personal life documentation systems) and futile instruction of Cat. Suddenly at 3am, it dawns on me after tossing and turning over a furry feline body that I have too much on my mind, and I suddenly feel inspired to finish my client’s conveyancing attendance note at 3am. So really, my discipline is a strange creature like that.

I wish I am more consistent, and yet I secretly feel glad I have secret bouts of passion, even as I feel guilty over the lumps of inactivity inbetween where I sip of apple juice and think of nothing, and think that Agatha Christie novels are indeed, contributing something to the mind (in truth they are just my guilty pleasure).  It would be interesting, finding out the little guilty pleasures of strangers.

I haven’t written detailed letters to the people I’ve meant to, or attended the dinners and jazz events I’ve promised to, or the afternoon teas I’ve craved for. Its a busy period this few weeks, hopefully the tide will change the next few weeks!

Meanwhile, an adorable video, which includes, amongst other, the art of self cross-examination and diversity as perceived by Miss America:


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