Wild Strawberry Fields

I read this to my best friend last night in our weekly conversation (how I love our little Equalia, and to hear from you reading strange chinese stories, and declaring about Greekish posters on your wall! I imagine you are dancing in your room with Freudian-esque hoodies because you make an effort, that are you are contemplating reading Goethe, that you have lost your faith of Tampopo ramen in Hong Kong).

I declared, that I would love wild strawberry fields as a birthday present,and such a grandmother. But I am scared of grandmothers in fairy tales, so I think I shall stick and stay with strawberries.


The Witch of the West is Dead (2008)

The Witch of the West is Dead (2008)

The Witch of the West is Dead (2008)

To do magic or work miracles you need strength of spirit. To become a witch the most important thing is strength of will. The power to make up your mind and do what you’ve decided to do. Until you can overcome that most difficult part, you might not get what you want. But give it a try anyway. 西の魔女が死んだ (The Witch of the West is Dead)

Whenever I go out in to the world, I see so many Kenji-sans and I cry when they cut down the trees or dig up the earth in my sanctuary. I want to stay at Grandma’s house, where time stands still and there are fields of wild strawberries for birthday presents and biscuits baked at midnight and flowers in my tea cup. I would never leave. – TLP


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