General Queries;

Oh yes, one little note on a useful change to the new template! Some readers commented that it would be better if the archived entries in categories were displayed in full length rather than excerpted entries, and the new template allows for that. You can now click under the different categories, eg. “Personal Style and General Fashion”, or “Literature”, to see previous entries in full.

For those feline friends who often ask about my cat, Tempura is indeed calico, female and 7 years old. She is open to marriage proposals, yes, but might not be able to bring about those adorable Persian babies you desire. However, she has unique talents eg. being able to fall asleep while eating; able to act as a 5.30am alarm clock; catches every lizard in the house; collects bird feathers in the balcony; responds to ‘fish’ but not her name etc.

As Bookpuddle helpfully declares: “I read lots. I have a cat. I drink coffee strawberry milkshakes. Therefore, I am”.


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