Its been a frustrating attempt to try to understand the Legal Profession Act on practice training periods and rules, and wondering if there is any way I can get around them. It seems like a seeker type of quest where I am transferred from one person to another as to my queries, and the answers are never definitive. Sometimes I feel so disheartened, and wonder if I will ever get to qualify properly as a lawyer after all, whether I should try to take leave to attempt the Justice Law Clerk programme, etc. Do obstacles equate to a hint that I should not be striving down this path after all, despite the effort in the past year?

Meanwhile, despite the countless assignments, I am secretly loving the course, and the mind-throbbing questions on commercial law and the sudden lessons on criminal procedure. Plan to stay in for the week and finally work out the tutorials for the next week, as I do want to go to Zouk on Wednesday to play (its been in the plans since forever!) Irving – will try my best to finish properly so we can have a proper carroty snooze-chat while you munch on crunchy apples.

Something rather amusing happened this week in the library – I had been selecting new books as part of my monthly routine, and was lingering in the literature section wondering whether I should pick up Proust (the volume of the novel however, daunts me as I work between law tutorials) when I noticed a strange random male guy in a white lawyerly type shirt and tie flit between bookshelves. I thought nothing of it at first since I thought he must be a book shopper (you know, those who take 50 books off the shelves and finally choose 2), but he continued skirting between shelves even as I went through the normal alphabetical order of my impulsive book search.

It started to get more suspicious however, when I next moved to financial non fiction (you know, those books on day trading and the credit crisis and the rise of Goldman Sachs and Lazard and what not which I am actually a big fan of) and he actually hid in the shelves next to me looking at energy books (which is decidedly suspicious as I thought no one would actually read commodity books, kidding).

Then, I went to literature biographies and non-fiction and suddenly, I also found him there!

At the end of the day, I finished making my choices (a nice mix this time, of good happy books like O Henry to finish up the 100 stories, some British detective novels, several biographies and new authors, including what looks to be a book on the rise of Lazard) and I took the lift down feeling foolishly happy with my 12 books (nothing better than the feeling of having new books!) when I saw the same guy, who had apparently ran down the stairs (to arrive at the lift) in a flustered manner. He approached me, gave me a quick and embarassed smile, and asked if he could have my number.

To cut the story short and not to play with Irving’s patience, I did say no, but I left feeling pretty amused. You wouldn’t expect as such in a setting like a library, mm?

On another note, I have been having better weekday nights! My good friends and I caught a late game of poker after my Edudine (where I met the lovely and vivacious conveyancing lawyer Julie Vong, and really enjoyed listening to her talk about conveyancing – isn’t it strange how a person can change your views on a subject?) which then later culminated in a rushed but very good game of Uno Stacko over watermelon martinis! I have also been kissing peacocks, heh heh. I’ve been so busy to meet anyone really since the course started so such days are really rare and enjoyable. I even managed to catch up with DL, and we actually had a good discussion on the nature of public interest in political and developmental issues and he shared with me some views based on his work in the URA (over a really good steak). Bad photographs, but I blame the Nokia E72 camera really, its really lacking in quality compared to my old Motorola.


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