Madame Bovary

I came across these old photographs again recently, which gave me a few laughs and reminded me of the dear Italian restaurant at my doorstep (or near-ish, sort of). Do you remember Il Sorriso, dear Irving, and how it was always shut for afternoons but came alive on nights like these?

In other words, I feel like organizing a big afternoon or evening dinner party again soon to have a reckless state of mind. It feels like I have been thinking of nothing else but criminal procedure lately. I need an excuse to wear roses in my hair.

And its not every-day you get kissed by the chef himself! I was so surprised but I suppose he must have charmed many girls in his day! His daughter was taking this shot of us, no less. Yes I know Irving, you want all chefs and bakers to yourself.

What say you come to Singapore again, Irving, and we have a dinner party with cheese fondue and all our favourite things, just like the old days? I’ll bake you tiramisu if you do…


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