OPI Burlesque 2010 – Sparkle Icious // Samsung PL150 Comex Review

I’m not a magpie for nothing, and so was captivated by my local drugstore’s release of OPI’s Winter 2010 shades, entitled Burlesque, the notion of which thrills me to no end (think Dita von Teese soaking in Cointreau or that martini wine glass). I hadn’t even heard about the release, and I’ve been living on pastel colours- but seeing the new OPI Christmas glitters really stopped my heartbeat. I wish I could have taken better pictures at the drugstore, but each mixture was a delicious concoction of contrasting colours (a main dominant colour for each) and I bought Sparkle-icious, a blue-gold-magenta concoction to try out the application quality. I thought Sparkle-icious was the most unique colour of the lot, and it stood out immediately from the swatches.

Already I am in love – the polish is quite weak and requires about three coats for a good blend, but the coverage is excellent upon multiple coats, and goes well after a Ettusais gel topcoat. I added a little of Etude House’s hearts top coat for good measure, but it wasn’t really necessary. The glitter is gorgeous and even (how does OPI manage wonders like that?) and I am a happy magpie for the week. I am now lemming for the rest of the colours.

Sorry for the poor edges- this was on the first few applications and I hadn’t quite cleaned up the edges yet- was too excited by the glitters – I think this is my favourite OPI collection yet. Might go for the gold next!









The colours in OPI Burlesque 2010 as follows:

  • Bring On The Bling – A gold That glitters that’s Dazzling Beyond.
  • Glow Up Already! – You’re ready for this glittering green. 
  • Extra-va-vaganza! – This orange glitter is not for the shy.
  • Simmer & Shimmer – In This glittering piece of blues.
  • Show It & Glow It! – If you’ve got this fuchsia glitter, flaunt it! 
  • Sparkle-icious – Multi-color glitter-iciousness

    Photographs taken with the vignetting function on my new Samsung PL150 which I got at Comex 2010, thanks to JRV’s recommendation and advice at the fair! I love it and have been playing with all the functions, and the dual LCD function is quite adorable.  The dual LCD function even features a small animation in front to capture the attention of the kiddies when taking their shots (but doesn’t work on cats). Many parts of it are actually more dslr like in adjusting balancing etc. and I do like it more than my Casio Exilim (which witnessed its tragic end recently at Clarke Quay). A favourite is the fish-eye filter which I’ve been using often since (a cheap option to getting a fish-eye lens for my dslr). I had been thinking of this or the Olympus FE-4030 / Lumix LX5, but in the end the Samsung version won (also partly due to stories about Samsung kimchi fridges, but that’s a story for another time). All in all I think it makes for a great point and shoot camera.

    Fish-eye on the Samsung PL150 (with a bit of Toycamera Analog filtering):










    Lantern festival exhibits at Clarke Quay – I was giggling at the fact that Zhu Ba Jie looks rather anorexic though!

    Cool tones filter on the Samsung PL50+ gloss function on fill in flash + slight vignetting:


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