Arched heels

I’m crazy about this pair of shoes. Most comfortable pair of shoes ever. I’ve been wearing them for days trotting over town and frustrating the boys. Miu Miu-esque heels make me happy.

Had a pretty funny conversation recently with a boy from London. I asked him about what he would remember me for. He says that it must be that I have strong legs, for I walked with him hours along random alleyways and was still happy prancing about afterwards. I think I like cats so much as I must have been a cat in my past life (even if I don’t believe in past lives).

I would mull over a book, then prance afterwards, and open oysters to rose tea with Irving afterwards. Ah, anyone would miss that life in London (where I would prance around longer than anyone, says the boy).

A shot of my cat hiding in my dad’s cupboard, tee hee. It actually reminds me of the book – Furry Underpants. (Yes, it is actually a children’s book, I found it on a shelf in Paris).


Memory from the past…playing in the snow.

Mr Carrot Dworkin. Because lawyers just have to give names to snowmen.


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