A rose by any other name;

I completed a little procrastination task today in a bid to avoid reading the Wills Act – a little feat of categorization! I have been wanting to do this for some time, and readers have always left that comment for reviews to be consolidated, so you can now observe that a box of categories now sits in the top right hand corner of this page, so that you can avoid what you don’t want to see and henceforth. They are quite self-explanatory really – except, the Grape Juice Badge section is specially yours Beansprouts, because you really deserve one after bearing with me all this time, after all. There is also a Personal Style/ General Fashion section which some girls have suggested.

Irving Beansprouts will be particularly happy, he can hop henceforth to ‘Grape Juice Badge’ and ‘Literature’ and ‘Epiphanies’. Though things are a little complicated and often entries fall within several categories.

As per past practice, not all comments will be made public, so do feel free to write to me a little note in the middle of your day. Most comments are not made public.

I didn’t know what to do with those entries that didn’t fit anywhere, so I just dropped them in Epiphanies. I was tempted to use eccentric categories really, but knowing myself, they would just wind up sounding like little hamster names.

Let me know if you like/hate the categories and any other quirky widgets that you would suggest.

My booklist keeps changing, I have given up updating it really! But for curious souls who always ask, I am currently on Vintage Amis by Martin Amis. Once again, a friend’s recommendation. I have something to remark on friends’ recommendations which Amy Tan wrote about very well. But maybe after the Wills Act matter gets settled. I’ve been reading nothing but family law cases otherwise and feel very Days of Our Lives.


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