~~Faery themed picnic!~~

Black Alice events are always so gorgeous~~ and as I had missed the previous event because of a criminal law paper, was so happy to be able to attend this one in the happy setting of Marina Barrage and colourful kites! Thank you to Tim and Grace (sorry if I missed out any others) for organizing, and pity Karmen, Zhen Teng, Jolene, Steph and Ling (we heard baby stories!) could not make it for the affair – but I hope to meet with them again soon ~ ^-^ I also met many wonderful new friends like Aeth (our Juliette Justine girl for the day), Elaine (she was the first I met upon arriving, and really enjoyed our conversation and hit it off with her immediately), bubble-blowing sisters Wenjun and Kaidi, Therese….(amongst others!) It was also lovely to see Simone, Meiyi, Victoria (my favourite feline mother angel), Alcie (I love her bonnet!) again.

Thinking back…it has been almost five years since I first started in egl! When I first started then, I did not really know anyone in Singapore who liked it too, and now egl has introduced me to so many lovely girls both in London and Singapore, esp Karmen who gives me little epiphanies when we have those amazing conversations with her sharing about gaming and psychology. The Singapore egl community has also grown so much, alot thanks to the efforts of Tim and Ling!

Here are some of my favourite photographs from the day to share…!


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