Happy as a trout;

Every year I always procrastinate in a very strange way.

This year, I had a strong craving to clean up and reorganize places! So I took everything apart and recategorized things in my room, something I try to do once every year. I threw out old boxes and got nice ones from Ikea, and though everything is still a ‘riot of colour’, I was rather thrilled to discover so many things again.

I have kept so many things. So, I’ve decided to throw out things from my Memory Corner. So the things left behind are those which mean most to me. But there are also slips and tidbits from previous schools that give me a laugh – letters written from people I miss- compositions prepared and speeches given on narcolepsy – little drawings from bored companions in classes.

Things which other people taught me in my life.

I have also been listening to many violin concertos, which makes me very happy! I’ve gone back to BBC radio again, and the old tunes are all so familiar. Mozart’s violin concerto No. 1 in B flat major – Mozart concerto No. 12 for Piano & Orchestra – Mozart – Symphony No. 25 in G minor, KV 183. Sigh. M played some pieces for me on Skype that day! All the way from London! His sister is a professional violin player who is now in the US. But M chose not to go professional and instead became a lawyer. It was lovely speaking to M again and he shared so many stories and updates…~

IKEA makes me so excited. I got some shoe organizer thing which has a name I’ve forgotten, and plenty of boxes whose names I’ve also forgotten. W and Beansprouts were always so fanatical about names and had a name for every IKEA item in their house, including the 80pence bamboo plant they bought so many of and placed at bizarre sections of the staircase. I like their storage boxes very much which reminds me of the Hermes sort of orange. I am recently very mad on the clash of black and an Hermes sort of orange. Orange is my new happy colour!

Dolly Pearl also did a lovely salmon orange version of the Mindy which I thought was absolutely fabulous. Doesn’t it remind you of a bright summery day?~

On orange themes, does anyone still remember Wilma’s washing machine? *grundle grundle grundle…

There were always so many orange themed Flinstones ‘appliances’, I think my favourite part of Flintstones were the household appliances.

wef.jpg picture by masph


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