Red doll;

One of my favourite Etsy designers has always been Tatyana Merenyuk of Red Doll, who has produced some very whimsical burlesque creations in the past years and very much sums up the adventurous high tea spirit of Etsy.

I’ve never ordered anything from Red Doll yet, being more of a Dolly Pearl nature myself, but I do find myself wishing to be in the lifestyle of these pieces in a Russian wintertime.

My favourite, the black and white ruffled crazy skirt which does have voluminous ruffles!

Black and White Crazy Ruffled Skirt  Custom Order
The silk organza Polina dress;
Beautiful Silk Organza Polina Dress
Something more of my nature, the little pleated white dress;
Black Silk Organza Pleated French Maiden Dress
The delicious creme brulee cake of a dress;
Creme Brule Dress
I don’t particularly like creme brulee, but isn’t it a delicious word, Irving?

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