Sorry for the lack of literature-related updates lately! I’ve been concentrating on revision, and my life revolves around law and the cat’s mealtimes.

I made cheese macaroni today, which left me slightly happier, as cheese macaroni for me is associated with pleasant memories. Stirring milk in a saucepan is a lovely feeling. I wish to make scrambled eggs tomorrow, with lots of pepper and light cream! I do wish for afternoon scones, especially after Daily Candy wrote a lovely little article on the new-comer on the vintage crockery block, Clair Bates, who also happens to be a solicitor!

The verdict is in. Your Ikea tableware isn’t shabby chic — it’s just plain shabby.
Luckily, we’ve got a lawyer on the case. Solicitor Claire Bates has spent her (nonbillable) time trawling car boot sales, antiques markets, and junk shops putting together an aggregate of vintage crockery from the ’20s to the ’60s. The authentic collection can now be hired out for anything from tea for two to a wedding for 100. (You can thank Bate’s clutter-averse boyfriend.)

The bar was set high (her father is an antiques dealer), so expect delicate floral teacups, saucers, and cake stands; polka-dot milk jugs; pressed-glass dessert dishes and art deco serving pieces. A collection of dinnerware is coming soon. And, yes, she’ll do the washing up for you. 

I think its a splendid idea and it all sounds like an Etsy chic wedding and what a charm to have different cups and serving plates on one table! It reminds me of that lovely tea place that ST and I used to visit in Harrow, which charmed me so with cream teas but failed to leave an impression on my companion (it is I who is the magpie, he belongs to the realm of logic and exacting crockery). And the things I could do with a polka dot milk jug!

I think I would like very much to meet Claire Bates, and join her for tea-cup shopping.

In the midst of selecting black-white photographs for frames, I came across two old photographs of Will and I from our holiday in Greece! It was the first day and as we trudged up the path, he was lamenting the heat, but soon we did change our minds and really cheered up towards nightfall. I do miss Will, and am still sad that things did not work out between us. But he is still one of my fondest memories, and yesterday while making a coke float wished he was here too, to share a coke float and talk on random philosophies the way we both would, as emotional INTJs. Will knew and was a part of myself in a strange reverse mirror sort of way, and always piqued my curiosity.

I also miss the strange things Will says when he drinks sake. He gets all moody and dark, its actually pretty adorable. Irving, you used to feel the same way too.


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