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I wish the birdcage veil could be popularized for daily living. I could wear Twigs and Honey hairpieces each and every day of my life.

But it is the same thing, wishing for a time where you could wear little white french gloves or try separating eggs (aka Katherine Hepburn) in Dior couture.

If I could have none, I shall just live with happy Philadelphia spirit! After this is the day we celebrate JRV’s birthday and the delightful cheese fondue unsurprise!

I’ve missed cheese fondue. I first had it in London in the little Swiss restaurant near my place and it was awesome. And they did all kinds of oil fondues too. My Swiss friend, who is extremely knowledgeable on wines, advised me that when having a cheese fondue, always have alcohol. And the Swiss have some of the best sparkling wines to match.

I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland. My dad says when he retires, his dream place to stay in would be Switzerland. Which means something, as my dad has travelled extensively to most or all of Europe and Asia, but found his heart in Switzerland.

Double layer tulle and russian veil headband - Style 020 - Made to Order
Crystal, tulle and velvet head piece - Style 010 - Made to Order

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