A little teacup of a dress;

How would it feel to be wearing china in a dress? Imagine writing in your wedding invites, “you are invited to a teacup wedding with Alice and the Rabbit”. But the Groom might not like being called the Rabbit. Or he might.


blue and white_ceciny_ ali and eliott

Best friend Irving hates flowers but I think even he can bear those below! Irving I WANT to be your wedding planner. Problem is you have to get married when I’m in the correct mood so that I will not infuse your wedding with neon pink and psychedelic Beatles colours.

mswed_blue and white1

beth helmstetter_max wanger_event3

beth helmstetter_max wanger_event1

mswed_blueand white3

I love these plates. I also think it would be amazing to have toile plates, if there is such a thing. And a toile afternoon engagement dress.

blue and white_wedgwood basket and flowers c1825

White chocolate instead of the typical cakes? Or are these jellies?

mswed_blue and white2

mswed_blue and white


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