Garfield’s typefaces;

I ought to be concentrating on civil procedure but something in me is still tumbling out in desire. In everything Kate Spade and sashimi.

My father bought me barley in the exact type of carton I asked for and peeped in through the door and told me I could go down and drink it whenever I liked.

I am a sort of Cat in a way, I like it when people buy me food.

And I feel a little happier, even though the only way my dad seems to be able to express love is through Food.

He is the type of person who asks you what you want for breakfast while you’re eating dinner. And will wake you up at 6am to have that famous beancurd he saw on television.

I miss his black pepper crabs. But if I tell him what I like, he always buys the same thing for the whole month. So when I said I liked Meiji yoghurt, he buys a carton of it for the month. It is very difficult to explain to my father how having a desire for one thing means you might like 2-3 little cups of yoghurt. It is incomprehensible to my father. If at the end of the month you can’t have any more yoghurt and you declare for him not to buy any more, he throws a tantrum and gets mad and silent as he watches television because the family (including the cat who changes her food tastes too) is Spoilt and do not Appreciate Him.

But if you ever meet me and my father, do not let him know that I share stories about him here. Or that I told you Irving, that he dances with the cat and sings Smelly Cat songs.

Irving just shared the most wonderful link with me! Based on the last entry where I shared about typefaces.

Simon Garfield’s book : Just My Type
Just My Type is a book of stories. About how Helvetica and Comic Sans took over the world. About why Barack Obama opted for Gotham, while Amy Winehouse found her soul in 30s Art Deco. About the great originators of type, from Baskerville to Zapf, or people like Neville Brody who threw out the rulebook, or Margaret Calvert, who invented the motorway signs that are used from Watford Gap to Abu Dhabi. About the pivotal moment when fonts left the world of Letraset and were loaded onto computers … and typefaces became something we realized we all have an opinion about.
I really like the font in Nodame Cantabile. : ) And those in Picnik.
But I don’t think I have met my dream font yet. But it will probably be a little awkward and shy like this.
Perfect Alphabet Rolling Rubber Stamp
What is your favourite font? ~
If you created your very own font, what would you call it?

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