Wish you were here;

Unusually perky as I managed to sleep well last night – no dreams of passport forgers or stabbers reciting their s122(6) police statements and the like! The exam is inching closer, and it makes me nervous but I feel better about it now. I spent alot of time in my weakest subject – criminal law – and still I think I am too theoretical/jurisprudential inclined and I keep telling myself to stick to practical issues. Sometimes I think the two sides of my personality have some really extreme conversations during exams.

I have forgotten to post these after some time, but tried the sushi at Itacho, ION Orchard. I am a really strange person, for the salmon is always my favourite. But it was interesting sampling foie gras sushi. The sushi photographs below are to get back at Irving for telling me about okonomayaki with Mikey in HK.

It is true, one of my favourite memories, was walking back from okonomayaki with you and Will from the restaurant, bypassing the British museum. It felt like we had no cares in the world that moment. And we were forever having cravings for matcha ice cream.

A walk down memory lane in Chinatown after class…to an old Chinese supermarket with vintage candies and Chinese teas…

Whenever I think of chinese teas I think of the novel, ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ (红楼梦) which was one of my favourite high school novels. Chinese teas have such pretty names, but are mostly too strong for me. But my favourite tea is Bai Mei white tea.

Does anyone remember the days of heart candy? I remember a piece would always cheer me up, and I would always find them in the strangest places. The days when heart candy was not so attainable was always a mysterious pleasure.

And since we started going down memory lane…

A song and a moment captured by Canaanoptical: Teresa in Concert at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong, in January, 1982. During the concert, a man goes onstage to present Teresa with a bouquet of flowers. He went on to say how, on the first night he arrived in Hong Kong, 2 years ago, he heard the song “When will you return?” by Teresa. “Where are you from?” she asked. “From Beijing,” was the answer. The crowd applauded. This man had really come a long way for the concert! He turned out to be an immigrant from the communist mainland, looking for a better life in free Hong Kong. It was his dream come true to be photographed with her. This was his second night at the concert and Teresa remembered. She said, “Yes, yes, I remember you were here last night. You were sitting right over there. You are wearing the same clothes tonight.” Teresa wished him well and hoped he would find happiness in Hong Kong.


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