Loganatha Venkatesan and others v Public Prosecutor

“Venkatesan and Chandran were charged with the murder of one Maniam. Maniam’s widow, Julaiha, was charged with abetting the other two accused in the commission of the offence by conspiring with them to murder her husband. The Prosecution’s case was that, pursuant to a conspiracy with Julaiha, Venkatesan and Chandran attacked and killed Maniam while an accomplice, Mani, waited in a get-away truck. The evidence implicating the three was given by one Ravichandran, who testified that he was asked by Venkatesan and Chandran to help kill Maniam. They had brought him to see Julaiha, who told him to “finish that man [Maniam]”. Julaiha assured Ravichandran that she would pay him any amount he wanted. Ravichandran reluctantly agreed and subsequently accepted $3,000 from Chandran as payment for his participation. Evidence showed that the money had originated from Julaiha. After two failed attempts to kill Maniam, Ravichandran decided to back out of the scheme and escaped to India after he stole some money from Chandran. The killing of Maniam was witnessed by Maniam’s stepdaughter, Fairos, one of Maniam’s neighbours and her maid. Fairos identified Venkatesan and Chandran as the men who attacked Maniam while supporting testimonies were given by the other eyewitnesses.”

Real life cases sometimes read like a soap opera. A very intriguing case from the Court of Appeal in 2000.


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