Audrey Hepburn’s Veil;

Some things which have captured my heart recently.

Audrey Hepburn’s veil in How to Steal a Million. I am not sure where it is from but it is pretty stunning and what an elegant robber! She looks so startingly wide-eyed and beautiful.

We have crossed over to the modern perhaps and now modern couture designers give an impressive structured take on the lace mask, but I still miss the simple elegance of the 40s, just a little lace mask to steal a million, and a svelte white glove!

I don’t foresee myself wearing a mask anytime soon though, but I am still very much a hat person. Take a look, for example, at this chic summer piece by Philip R, whom I absolutely adore (all Philips must be equally wonderful!)

J says it is very much a piece I would wear and I think so too. I would pair it, for example, with an after hours cocktail ring and do mundane things in it like read a book. But such a beautiful hat is simply not befitting for Singapore, so the best I can do is dream and draw pictures of hats.

I am very much a hat person, and if I had been more of a nifty seamstress, would have liked to pursue the milinery path most! And make different hats for the Ascot ladies every year. I think hearing their requests would be charming enough, and all the beautiful colours! I remember trying to coax Irving to join me for the Ascot once, and all he could think about was horses (though I love horses, and their graceful eyes!)

I really love Katherine Hepburn’s hats. I think she looks absolutely divine and feminine in them. I loved her tying the hat in Adam’s Rib, before her angry political husband!

I am not sure of my opinion towards bonnets however, and my conclusion is that they are too bulky. Nevertheless, I think some people wear bonnets particularly well.

If you could, what would your statement robber piece, or hat, be?~


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