Don’t cry for me Argentina;

I remember that ST strongly dislikes this song, but I always had a fondness for certain songs in Evita, eg. Another Suitcase Down Another Hall, and this has been resung many times, but I quite like this version by Glee! And Kurt is perfect! He is my modern age musical boy, and my absolute favourite in Glee.

And this rendition featuring Kurt and Blaine in a romanticized version of a boys’ boarding hall. I would do anything to play the piano in a room like this in front of the fireplace! The room is so warm and heartening, and the trills of their voices so comforting.

In short the examinations are over! And the ending was just perfect. Will be messing about in little things with my plc friends before Monday. Will share more soon, and goodness, it is also time for Irving’s exams! (We take turns, as best friends do).

Will be sharing more soon, albeit the past hiatus!

What do you think of the new theme, Pilcrow? Do you think I should switch, or stay on WordPress?


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