Ducks flown;

Irving must be laughing.

My uncle used to rear ducks in his pond next to his bungalow! Sometimes the ducks would get lost and then start waddling into the house, the mother and the adorable little chicks in one line.

If you were the fourth chick, does it mean you are younger and lower in hierachy compared to the third chick?

If they got blown away, do they go back into the line in a different numerical order?

Do ducks hug each other?

These and other questions.


2 responses to “Ducks flown;

  • Irving

    That’s brilliant! rofl!

    1) Definitely lower in hierarchy. Don’t you think so?
    2) It looks like it’s first come, first serve from the video. So different numerical order. But then the fastest and fittest duckling would be quickest to follow the mother – so higher in hierarchy – ugly duckling at the very back.
    3) Ducks hug each other – see video.

    Now these are my questions.
    4) Would the mother duck notice if she lost one? They seem so easily blown-away-able?
    5) Would the mother duck notice if you substituted a chick in for a duckling ?
    6) Would ducklings get angry or scared (or happy?) if you kept blowing them with a hairdryer?


    • unefilleelegante

      I heard that mother ducks will not notice even if you substitute a puppy for a chick. Perhaps they are perpetually on happy cocaine moods as they get blown away every once in a while! And why look for hairdryers when you can have the wind do a little chilly blow…haha!!

      I have been thinking about using the hairdryer on my cat. She dries so slowly. I’ll let you know on the results.

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