Shipping woes;

I was anticipating four rare offprint editions to be shipped from US – but apparently shipping prices have gone up dramatically since the whole tightening of security episode! Pretty disappointed, and at these prices, surface is no longer the offprints’ collector’s choice.

I have not seen any Kindles in Singapore, but there is still plenty of hype over the ipad! A close friend raves plenty about it, but I would not pay $350 extra to get a hockey game, as tempting as it is. I think the screen is also a little too bright for reading. A personal favourite is still the Kindle, but the tricky part is getting it fit for Singapore! I have not seen any Singapore Kindle users yet, have you heard of any? I am not sure whether I can break codes as successfully as some Kindle pioneers in Singapore avoiding the perils of Whispernet.

The Nook looks near to impossible to operate in Singapore.


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