Vintage Snow Globes;

Do you love snowglobes? The majority are souvenir knockoffs, but every now and then I meet one which inspires a sudden thrill to see little snow fall over an illustrated landscape of a memory. Perhaps the prettiest snowglobes are those with an achingly beautiful vulnerability, alike the fragility of a glass menagerie. And for vintage snowglobes, perhaps there are the delightful stories of the owners to accompany! Perhaps the snow globes that most relate to us are those which secretly tell a part of our life stories?


An Etsy reader shared the above is a Seattle snowglobe. Which makes me think of Sleepless in Seattle immediately, only that the characters are larger than life and immediately makes me feel warm with happiness thinking of coffee in winter! Have you ever sat holding an umbrella in a cafe, trying hard not to be blown away to taste little tickles of white snow in your coffee cup? Yes that is part of my Seattle fantasy now, after coming across this particular snowglobe!

But the artists might love this more, a build-your-own-snowglobe kit! It is really quite incredible, and secretly Irving, I will reveal that I want to make you one, one day! I want to build you a little city of our past. And then maybe fit Marilyn Monroe or Bette Davis or someone extremely incongruous doing something strange like drinking a milkshake. I want to make you so confused that you will shake the snowglobe a few times, as if wondering if the scene will change like a hologram to show the truth of my well-wishes.

Extra-Large Build Your Own DIY Snow Globe Kit - wood base, glass globe

What will you put inside your own snowglobe?

Another cute one is this little lonely penguin befuddled in a bottle. Bubbles!

Christmas SALE Tiny Penguin in Glass Bottle

Snow globes translated into a slice of life.

Carousels are still a part of my childhood wonder.


They are a part of fantasy.



Revisiting a travel memory through a snowglobe.



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