December days;

Nearing Christmas, it is such a dream of doing so many things with the people I love! Some snapshots of places in Singapore decorated for Christmas that I captured on my visits to Paragon, Plaza Singapura, Orchard Road etc. (Irving must be getting excited of these names!)

Sesame street for Christmas! I have mixed feelings about them, though Sarah Jessica Parker’s appearance made it a little better. : )

I went cycling again at the beach which is a marvellous feeling – the wind in your hair, the little dogs in the park, the gentle stars – and how everything is a deja vu sort of junior college memory. I feel all at once 17 years old again, thinking of boats and Conrad from a distance and the life forward is an adventure.

Milk dessert with rainbow rice – something I used to feed to little cats under my house. I am usually not sure if cats are lactose intolerant, but I remember this little black cat called Duane who really liked my scotch butter snow ice. Looking upon a cat licking snow ice is one of the sweetest sensations. Looking upon a person you like licking snow ice, might give an equivalent warm feeling.

Irving, I am struggling to remember whether HK had snow ice, but perhaps they do!

I went for steak at Angus Steakhouse as an early Christmas dinner (photographs to share later!!). Also very homely and inspires thoughts of Christmas fireplaces. Irving, we have to talk soon, and exchange our Christmas stories. Tomorrow?

And inspired by GF, my work table is now decorated with little snapshots – so many memories. Supplies from Kikki.K thanks to book vouchers from a law firm! Everything is neat and orderly for the moment, just the way I like it. But it is a little more colorful for the year.

Irving, do you recognize Y playing the piano? Do you remember the day in the little church? Y and I were waiting for you, and he was playing Chopin and Rachmaninoff. That day of us three together – the piano – the lingering poker games – one of the happiest days of my life, even though it was so simple.

The calendar is of me and Gregory Peck – I wish! But it is a lovely sephia print version for Roman Holiday and the days are all in Italian.

And to cross over to the new year, XJ and D are having a delightful party they have titled ‘Forest Romp 2011’, which puzzles me as I do not understand the FOREST and keep thinking GUMP and I am still floating from reunion happiness from the last party and still am in a delusion that YH will come dressed in a sari and Sunil will sing National Day songs.

As we bid farewell to 2010 and usher in the new year… etc etc.

Gather your ruffles and sharpen your fangs, moisturize your toes.
For this year’s final picnic and next year’s first this shall be.

and that’s my valiant attempt at poetry for you.

here are 5 special things that might entice you to come:

1) The Moon will be Big and Bright like a Boil on a Butt
2) Long-lost friends (and fiends) will be there, & new ones i’m sure.
3) The FOOD will be glorious (as usual, POTLUCK. hahaha)
4) Ghost Stories, anyone?
5) The Childhood Memories Mini Charity Auction

Details on the Auction:
– Each person brings an item from your childhood that is rather precious to you/has a special story behind it
– Each item is put up for auction (starting bid 50c) and we bid for it, like calm, civilized adults. just raise your balloon to bid.
– Item goes to the highest bidder
– And at the end of it all, we shall donate the money to a cause/charity we all agree on!
– CLAUSE: the person who brings some shitty toiletpaper that no one wants to bid for ought to pay 50c to take back his own toiletpaper, whether he wants it back or not

2011’s THEME: What You’d Really Wanted to Be When You Grew Up
* twister-friendly clothing, if possible (but would totally understand if you’d wanted to be a hooker or mini-skirt model)

Things to bring:
– Food/Drink/Vitamins
– Your Lover(s) (if you have)
– Picnic mats (if you have)
– Lights/Glowsticks/Lamps/Lanterns
– Your Lovely Self

A balloon for your thoughts, Irving? I know you want to twister yourself silly already!

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