Let it pour;

“Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is boxing day, and I am still brimming with happiness from the festivities!

I went with A and the best friend L to L’s church for Christmas. The choir was lovely and the congregation warm and welcoming. It struck me suddenly that everyone in the church seemed so much at L, that it was almost a part of her. Caroling and revelling in the presence of God. A beautiful and calming message on the need to have God’s peace and joy in every day of our lives.

And I took a cable car (now called the ‘Jewel Box’ at Mt Faber) and also saw the Swarovski cable car at Sentosa!

I folded little stars at the beach and was happy.

I still have 353532 christmas cards to write and I haven’t started. Please forgive me if you receive your card in some irreverent month like February and have no idea what my scribbly handwriting means.

My little cat Tempura has been Quiet. And she has turned Female and actually mewed sweetly at the Black Cat who visits her all the time. I think he is actually winning her little feline heart.

On Christmas presents – JRV awesomely got me the Kate Spade Great Gatsby clutch I had been lemming for earlier!! I can’t wait to use it! And A got me the Penguin postcards. Which also has the Great Gatsby postcard in it. As I often say, I am feeling literarily decadent this Christmas. Also many lovely things from people in the office which now sit happily on my table, including a newly crowned Tottoro dustmite cat (to Irving: It looks like the Tottoro dustmite became a cat!)

Have a blessed lil Christmas, everyone. I refuse to move on to the Chinese New Year, and want to be stuck in a snow globe, forever!

(Irving, if you’re reading this, lets chit-chat soon on tiramisu clock timing! Yes I know its you’re exams but lets have a minute chuckle and you know that Big Brother is watching you if you are eating cakes instead of studying Important Things like Constitutional  or Evidence Law’)


One response to “Let it pour;

  • Elizabeth

    Hi dear, i really love reading your blog. I was wondering if you have a twitter account which i can follow too? Hope to hear from you soon ^.^

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