All’s fair in love and war;

Delayed thoughts on being a Santarina!

I think I should have Santa as a permanent fixture. But we decided to be nice and placed it on a colleague YY’s chair because he is irritating us with a ungrammatical message akin to him pasting topless pictures of himself in Edinburgh in the snow. When he comes back, he will discover that a pinata has taken his place at work and will be forced to beg him in three quests akin to the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales recently floating in my mind.

Some of the daily happy ones who cheer me up at work every-day.

I did  not bake these unfortunately, but here are the little cookies I gave out to my division for Christmas! Irving will be terribly jealous.

Christmases in malls are getting stranger. I took a photograph with a hotchpotch of figures during Christmas. I figured out that maybe all the Christmas costumes are expensive this season, so they had to throw in Elvis and random biker too.

I went on the Jewel cable car rides, which was so much fun since I haven’t taken a cable car since I was a young girl! I used to love the cable car, though perhaps the fear of heights is not as acute anymore. The view was beautiful and also curious for the new part of the Integrated Resorts. The world is a little fuzzier from inside the box, and Mt Faber looks like a beautiful place for a quiet dinner.

“The new system is LED-illuminated, sparkling metallic black and chrome cabins on a monocable rope way, linking Mount Faber of Harborfront Tower and Sentasa Island.

The Swarovski-encrusted cabin features a Crystal Panel glass floor and roof by Swarovski, large comfortable black leather upholstered chairs with arm rests covered with glittering black crystal by Swarovski elements.” – Excerpt from description

We also saw a snowy version of a Christmas cable car, which does remind me a little of Cinderella’s carriage to the ball!

I refuse to believe Christmas is over, after all. ~


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