Blue hearts with love, Milly Walker

Dear N.W,

You will be pleased to hear that there are still a family of rabbits in her garden, they are living beneath the roots of an old tree which has grown so as to bend the garden gate. The wysteria keeps the bees company and of course I am sitting on your bench as I write this. You may not think it your bench, for you were never here yourself, but I assure you there are memories trapped in the woodgrain. I could not find the mouse palace, but there was of course the doll’s house and the tiny puddings. You would have loved this house dear N. I can’t really be sure but I think that is why she chose it. I imagine she buried the ring in the garden here, in a secret spot. I hope you have found her now, because the fire burns so merrily in the grate.

With fondness,


Recently I have been feeling like lots of hearts, and lots of colour. Thanks to Milly Walker, I now have little blue hearts to brighten up my wardrobe, and the skirt is awfully cute, just like Angerline, the caring shop owner. The white belt also comes with the skirt! A skirt which belongs to Spring. The laptop case is from Etsy, and has all sorts of yummy things like psychedelic squirrels and bunnies, perky owls, LSD mushrooms, Russian dolls…it captivates my magpie imagination. I’ll like to think it is the sort of case Nodame would carry.


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