Gita Lenz;

One of my favourite upcoming photographers who specializes in black and white photography, Gita Lenz, recently had her exhibition opening in New York.

I thought to share some of the photographs that she chose for the event.

Virginia-based photographer Gordon Stettinius first met Gita Lenz back in 2002, at an exhibition of his work. Gita had attended the private view in the company of her neighbour and Gordon’s friend, Timothy Bartling. Gita – who was already in her nineties at this point – mentioned she had been a photographer in the past, and the impression she made on Gordon remained with him.

A few years later, Timothy mentioned that he was helping Gita move to sheltered housing, but he was at a loss about what to do with her photographic prints and equipment. Gordon made the journey to New York City to collect her work and take it back to Richmond with him. What he found in those boxes of prints revealed, as he puts it in the introduction to this book, ‘an abundance of evidence of a rich career and a compelling personality’.

Get the full story at Fraction Magazine


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