Wolf and willow;

One of my favourite characters in Stephen King’s apocalyptic miniseries, The Stand, was the devil’s secret mistress, Nadine who saw her hair colour change from black to a willowy white by the end of the series. Somehow white tresses will bring to mind her role in the series, where she played a rejected wildchild with an elegant vulnerability. 70s horror flicks with a dramatic flair.

Yes, watch The Stand, Irving, I really liked it, even the creepy sci-fi music at the beginning of the series. Las Vegas as the setting for hell and bright lights over red convertibles, and anarchist geeks alike Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent.

But yes, the fashion shoot by W Korea brought to mind Nadine once again. Whoever said that white tresses could never be fashionable?

Snow White W Korea Magazine Fashion Beauty Cat Eye White Hair Trend Style

Snow White W Korea Magazine Hair Trend Fashion Style Cats Eye Black Dress

ps: And isn’t that pink cape exceptionally dreamy. Also note that gorgeous white tipped manicure.


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