2011 Goodreads;

My Kindle arrived in the mail, a belated Christmas present! ~~

More photographs soon when it has its New Year fittings…and it does mean perhaps much more accessible and inexpensive reading this year (I think I donated a library wing with all those 2010 fines!)

One of my 2011 convictions is to read more ‘worthy texts’ this year. I think I should keep with the impulsive streak to read everything I love. 2011 also means the year of studying for my CFA Level 2 so time may be tight, but I have squeezed in some thoughts already on the themes I would love to start.

Goodreads has started a 2011 Reading Challenge – I don’t think I’ll sign up as I don’t think I have the time to update every book the moment I finish! I do wish I had better categorization for the books I’ve read though. Or a list for those books I started and wanted to finish, but let go because there was just no time or the fines started accumulating.

I’ve heard the Kindle has a problem about categorizing folders. And I’m not sure whether Wi-fi would work in Singapore, but I don’t think I’ll go that way. It is sad that Amazon does not think enough of our little red dot to provide more functions! But already I know I am going to have a great reading adventure with my Kindle.

And of course I can’t resist sharing some of the Kindle/Nook fashion I spotted…

My Kindle cover of choice, arriving in the mail soon! The M-Edge New Yorker cover by Bob Knox.

The entire range is pretty dandy.

I had also been admitably tempted by the Kate Spade line (uses the same prints as the series of clutches), but the price, ow! And I think I like the clutches more than the Kindle covers.

Still, everyone loves a bit of polka-dots.


DVF also launched a very leopard collection.

Nook fashion is similarly stellar~!

Don’t even get me started on the skins available…

Kindle 3 Skin - Van Gogh - Blossoming Almond Tree

Van Gogh’s Blossoming Almond tree.

Kindle 3 Skin - The Window

Kindle 3 Skin - Via Del Fiori

Daniella Foletto’s ‘The Window’ and ‘Via Del Fiori’

Or custom pictures, like this version of Frederick Childe Hassam’s Woman Reading?

I did not select the above as I was looking for something more of the brown family to match the New Yorker cover! Will update more once I get more books in.

Guilty pleasures- will be downloading the entire Agatha Christie collection from my colleague.


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