Two dogs named Wyn-wyn and Wawa

My favourite part of the NY was definitely meeting these two adorable dogs! The white one is an Italian maltese and I forgot which was the other. But look at them, all dressed up for the NY! I now feel tempted to dress Tempura up in a frilly ballerina outfit just to see her snort at me.

Wyn wyn was an extremely active Maltese. It kept running around and barking excitedly so it was really a challenge to get the photographs! The one you see above was really a rarity!

My dad feeding the dogs Chinese peanuts. Apparently these hungry creatures eat anything but chocolates.

Wyn-wyn (bumble bee dog) is demonstratively less strong in hind legs and only seemed to stand up once before scuffling around! So Wa-wa wins the peanut battle. But I think Wyn-wyn is cuter, for after running around and getting exhausted, he fell asleep on my lap and proceeded to pur in a very puppy way ~ He also tried to kiss me many times…something my cat would never do!

This was also my first year in Chinatown viewing the fireworks!

It was so crowded! And there were the general NY festivities…

Thanks to A, I’ve learnt so many Chinese customs recently eg. Winter Solstice, and how Chinese eat tang-yuan on this day; why the Chinese give oranges to each other during the NY; meaning of different symbols etc. I never really knew all these sorts of things as my family doesn’t really celebrate CNY, or the Chinese festivals. I also got a little ferris wheel as a keepsake from the festival! I think Irving will chide me, but you will still cook me tangyuan, yes? ~


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