Coriander Leaf;

I went for a Thai cooking class recently, and had a wonderful adventure trying to make the links of asparagus with plum sauce and a popiah sort of concoction! Everyone really enjoyed themselves boiling, stewing, frying and cutting tomato flowers of some sort. And, did you know that 80% of serial killers have had experiences as chefs?

Our menu! Irving will love especially perhaps the banana with chocolate ganache. I secretly loved the thai green curry the most even though it was not managed by my team!

But all Irving is really interested in is perhaps the food we prepared. Each team decorated their own items, and so there was a different twist for each group, even with the same ingredients.

My dish! The asparagus! M & I worked together industriously and lined those little heads of asparagus together.

My team even won Best Chefs of the day!!

The guy fifth from the right, M, is one of my favourite friends in the office. His girlfriend posted a message of him winning the award in fb, and to our jolly amusement, M got a job offer to be a chef in Malaysia!

Lunch is served!

Some of my favourite girls.

Perhaps French cooking classes are next in line again…I really enjoyed those classes last year, and we made french bourguignon, the recipe of which I cannot entirely remember, except that it was a dream to match with Pinot Noir. And wouldn’t it be a dream to go for a cooking class in Tuscany, Italy? Or train with a sushi chef.


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