Ec0-fashion, that is something which my best friend L would be proud of. I remembered our days in junior college together, her advocating the likes of saving the earth (the only planet with chocolates) and encouraging the saving of paper and other materials (unfortunately, i became a lawyer). Yes, but with her I am a better person, perhaps, and I promise to use one less plastic bag and print less law cases!

For prom (those happy days), she wore for me a beautiful green dress complete with green shoes, a green bag and green eyeshadow. She was always the person I loved, my President of Earthwatch, just like that. And even more beautiful perhaps, when she shows the same care and concern for the earth as she does people (L became a doctor).

And I think she would have loved this concept very much – eco-fashion.

Etrican was established in Dec 2009 by Yumiko Uno (head designer) and Dragos Necula (head of business development) partners with similar beliefs and compatible skills. It is one of Singapore’s first green fashion labels and a pioneer of the local eco lifestyle movement.

The philosophy behind the label is simple – we believe the choice of an environmentally responsible lifestyle should be desirable and accesible to everyone regardless of their circumstances. We design wearable eco friendly clothes and accessories that do not compromise on style and quality and yet are kept affordable by running an efficient business and keeping our profit margins low. Our aim is to bring responsible fashion into the mainstream and become the standard rather than a niche. Only then can it improve our livelihood and the state of our environment.

organic cotton bird print mini dress by Etricanorganic cotton flower print maxi dress by Etrican

The organic cotton skirt with a turquoise zipper is a unique interpretation- a little twist to something normal like a LBS (little black skirt)

This is a sponsored advertorial – Etrican Eco Fashion


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