Death of a salesman;

I’ve just discovered the coolest tees and just had to share them with you, Irving! The site itself is called Out of Print and they print covers on shirts. Here are some of my favourites I think you should wear:

Death of a Salesman book cover t-shirt

Arthur Miller’s Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning 1949 play following Willy Loman and his misguided view of the “American Dream.” From the first edition cover by Joseph Hirsch.

I thought the book was kinda boring, but does that even matter? Look at the ghoulish salesman exiting through what looks like the view from a doorknob!

To Kill a Mockingbird book cover t-shirt

Our first collaboration with award-winning designer Mikey Burton. Book covers created by Burton as part of his grad school thesis project to get young adults interested in reading. Bravo, Mr. Burton. Cover designed for Harper Lee’s classic, the only book she ever published.  

I actually can see it as a mocking bird, which I never do with most illustrations. Its an ok book, not one of my absolute favourites. But I really like the blue. And how you can puzzle people on why you are wearing an ostrich-something on the front of your t-shirt.

The Great Gatsby book cover t-shirt

It is quite obvious that this is Fitzgerald’s. But it looks rather like Indiana Jones, so I think its not your think. But I love the font, and so just had to share it anyway.

Walden cover t-shirt

Ever want to just get away from your hectic schedule and embrace the simple life?  Then come along with Thoreau on his Transcendental journey to Walden Pond.  “To be awake is to be alive.”

Henry David Thoreau’s not my thing either. But I can really see the shirt on you, with you living in that lonely house with all those fir trees!

Slaughterhouse-Five book cover t-shirt

Vonnegut actually witnessed firsthand the firebombing of Dresden as a POW and lived to tell a version of the tale. “So it goes.” From the first edition dust jacket by prolific cover artist Paul Bacon.

I’ve not read the book yet. But I think the cover is rather cultish and cool.

Lolita book cover t-shirt

I know you’ll kill me for suggesting you wearing this! But how abt me? I think its a delicious take to go with jeans. Once again, not one of my favourite books, but pretty writing.

Tales of the Jazz Age book cover t-shirt

I think we can both wear this one! It can be a Best Friends tee!


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