Kittens playing in springtime;

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Here is my lookbook for Spring 2011 to match the sassy Marc Jacobs XL Single in a deep ashen brown that reminds me a little of the leaves of another season! I dabbled in several colours in my favourite spring colour palettes- and some of the things that continually inspire me.

Polyvore sets / individual outfits are designed by myself, music/youtube videos from Sofia Coppola and Chet Baker; art was helped by Nacrym. I do not lay claim to the rest of the descriptive pictures, and contact me if you they are owned by yourself and wish acknowledgment or to have them removed.  Outfit sets are labelled/described the best I can.


1. Coffee-mustard – Warm, evocative, unique palette of shades, to bring forth the ashen brown of the Marc Jacobs XL single, but with a bit of a surprise red/burgundy or secret colours hiding in the fold.

So many things then seemed indeterminate, stories without endings. And looking out the train window on that late-summer afternoon in my fifteenth year, I think I sensed, in a small way at least, that such mysteries lay at the heart of everything that would matter in my life.

– October by Richard B. Wright.

From left; Lanvin for H&M red earrings; Mona embroidered puff skirt from Boutique1; Lanvin for H&M mustard one shoulder dress; Girlprops dangling heart pin; Makemechic ankle boots; Loris Shoes’ Poetic License; Amina Suede Coat

Dolly Pearl Romans and Jackie dresses

A personal interpretation with items I own – themed by a brown local blogshop dress from Ai Kirei, a rainbow London scarf from a pushcart in London, my brown Hermes ‘Collier de Chien’ double wrap bracelet and taupe/brown shoes (perhaps Fendi laced up Cinderella darlings, not portrayed in art picture) and Grazia nails by Sophy Robson



2. French Dior Bloom – A burst of lively florals, of red and pink or even gentle pink and mints, to bring to mind the thrill of bicycling in Paris, the gentle sweetness of a Sofia Coppola scene, the first bite of a macaron in Springtime.

From left: Red heart sunglasses from Fred flare; Red dress from Chanel Spring Etam 2011; Lanvin cream silk-knit shrug;  Lanvin for H&M flower charm; Red Miu Miu heels; White gold zaffir ring from Chanel; Sophy Robson nails

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.”

– John Keat’s Love Letter to Fanny Brawne

What if you slept?

And what if in your sleep, you dreamt?

And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower?

And what if, when you awake, you had the flower in your hand?

Ah, what then?


 A local blogshop spring adaptation – blossoms dress, charm bracelet and treble clef necklace from Yeetonity, white Miu Miu cross platforms, alt Alexis Mabille silver grey platforms, park bench lovers ring by BreeDentice 



3. Baroque Lilac – A lazy glass of Prosecco, walking along the night river with a lover, vintage mulberry shades turning from day to evening, a little dainty Derby hat, decadent gold matchboxes, a memory of blossoming sakuras in Tokyo.

From left: Erie Basin Antique’s 1930s vintage purple signet charm; brown smoky topaz and tiger’s eye earrings from C&Chain; Bank’s floral tube dress; Pique Prive Patents from Louboutin; Violet derby hat – vintage


Dolly Pearl Susan dress; belt thrifted; Kate Spade disco bracelet; Alexander McQueen butterfly heels


Both toga one shoulder rosette dress and shoes – thrifted; Liz Palacios crystal ring



4. Ardent Vanilla – Coffee and elegant vanilla, a holga in hand for the adventures in the park, to feed a squirrel with chocolate pocky, to wear a little bird ring on the hand (will the little bird come alive mid-way?) Vintage lace Chanel, vanilla frocks, frivolous cream bows…~


From left: Chanel Crochet Cotton dress; Monsoon vintage birdy ring; French Connection cream bow; Miu Miu bow embellished washed sandals; Chanel vintage gold tone necklace

Dear N.W.

You will be pleased to hear that there are still a family of rabbits in her garden, they are living beneath the roots of an old tree which has grown so as to bend the garden gate. The wysteria keeps the bees company and of course I am sitting on your bench as I write this. You may not think it your bench, for you were never here yourself, but I assure you there are memories trapped in the woodgrain. I could not find the mouse palace, but there was of course the doll’s house and the tiny puddings. You would have loved this house dear N. I can’t really be sure but I think that is why she chose it. I imagine she buried the ring in the garden here, in a secret spot. I hope you have found her now, because the fire burns so merrily in the grate.

With fondness,

S. (TLP)

From top: Grecian cream toga from Gipsy Scarlet, Cream/black Chanel patents from New Look; Dollypearl Sam and Lundy dresses; Love ring from Dorothy Perkins; Fendi white/cream Lucite platforms; Cream spring dress from List, nude ballet flats from Trois + Inch

Thank you for indulging my senses~ !!


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