My colleague SE was telling me one morning in the office of her ultimate nightmare the previous night.

It involved a mansion of some sort, teeming with furry cats of all kind. The cats all charged up to her, a furball army, all colours and calico fur whirling in the air.

“Hey”, says JRV on my left, “It sounds like your ultimate dream, Grace!”

One man’s fur machine is another man’s snooze buddy.




Lambert, Truman, Fiona and Irving Lively


I love this one. I wish my cat could grab my ear and lick it too. Ok I know, bizarre human-cat fetishes.


Nice to meet you, friend.

A thudding romance.


The Anderson-Ericksons


Happy Valentine's Day from Vivienne and Theodore Spooner.


Pictures from the Itty Bitty Kitty blog, which I have been addicted to since my first year of university. Can there be anything sweeter than a full-grown grandpa hugging five kittens in his arms (and they absolutely love him?)


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