Black Alice Spring Tea Party

T and G very kindly organized a Spring tea party at Lawrys, also with the aim of sending a little something nice to the egl shops in Japan. It was very lovely seeing everyone again and we had a special guest – little Zack. L, T and Zack, a perfect and beautiful little family. Everyone got very excited and of course he is our little star!~~

The food was perfect and we had the Orchard, Grange and Scotts private dining room in Lawrys. The prime ribs dish, and macaroons + raspberry ice cream was and absolutely treat. But even more listening to Dusty share about her awesome mashed potato and pasta bolognese recipes!

It was wonderful meeting everyone and I do look forward to the next tea party!~ ^-^

Some shots I took from the party:


I love Dusty in this photograph ^-^ She sat at my table and shared nice yummy stories. Isn’t her pink camera pure love! Dusty is Liz Lisa gal~

Now Zack is awake…

Now Zack is asleep:

I love the little fripperies:

Food shots:

Sinful desserts, yes? :p

Lolis have the prettiest cameras ^-^ Awhile ago I was thinking of reselling my dslr for a pretty Leica or an Olympus pen. But I am a creature of habit and got too attached *heh

Hope you liked the pretty photographs ~~


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