Just some time ago, a friend, X, was victimized and a story spread of said things he had done in a professional work capacity. The story spread far and wide within the industry, and carried on maliciously with new permutations. I asked him whether he knew of it, he said yes, and no more words have been said. It is the new generations. Words are said and spread and there are the types who would stand out clearly to confront, to lead to further discussions, but X was clearly fatigued. He said nothing. He left on his first day of work. I have not heard of him again since. Some words are better left unsaid.

A asked me later, if he was innocent, X would have stood up to clear his name, right? He would have been boisterous, as lawyers ought to be, he ought to have raged and sent emails and challenged the faculty and cleared his name. But things are sometimes not as simple as that.

But there are those who are fatigued. There are those who just want to hide away, who know better than to challenge and generate new fervour in old rumours.

Sometimes I think back, in quiet moments. It is such a waste. He was one of our brightest young talents. Sometimes I had disagreements, with him, but he was one of those who would have made good. I saw him possibly advancing to be one of the hotshot litigation partners, or in public service. This, however, is life, and words travel too fast, too quickly.

He was fatigued, and he had to go. He was innocent, but he had to go.

And now, suddenly, I realized, when reading and challenged on my own, why he had that silence, and why naturally, he did not say anything back.

And all the same, I wish him all the success where he chooses to go. London? New York? Wherever he goes, I know he had something in him.

It is a dangerous thing, when people know you just as a name, a picture on the internet. There is a lesser responsibility. That person is separate from your life. Jurisprudence-wise, it has been argued that it may even have an impact on the way you think and give your opinion on fundamental principles and values in life. When something is personal, it hits harder where it is most precious to you.

Without knowing the clearer picture, the stories are formed with all these words, formed and collected in the air, and it is these words, which are so dangerous.


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