Pink and pink;

Some think pink is my favourite colour. The secret is that my favourite colour changes all the time. But I have to admit I am terribly affectionate towards pink, and all shades of it.

Isn’t this baby pink coat absolutely luscious.


4 responses to “Pink and pink;

  • Ivy

    This coat is so pretty. I will buy it in a heartbeat for autumns/ winters to make life in Mainland China more bearable.
    Pray tell, if it’s available for sale and where to buy it from?
    And thank God for wordpress–which they have not blocked. Blogspot and Facebook could not leap over the great firewall here. Boo.

    • unefilleelegante

      I love it too!!~~ I went to the shop and they have closed down and the site is gone….so sad!! But its a China shop – and though the coat is so pretty here I am always quite wary about China buys, because of some past experiences! Isn’t it so pretty and pink!!~~~

      I love the coats from this shop too > Mary Magdalene JP. I have a pink coat from there, and I absolutely love it. But Singapore is so hot and it just doesn’t make sense for local weather! Sigh 😦

  • Ivy

    I am half based in SG and in Shanghai. So I fly between these 2 places. Should you know of any China sites to buy from, let me know and I can do the shopping for both of us. We seem to share the same taste. And I really love reading your excerpts of the books you are reading.

    • unefilleelegante

      Ah! There are some taobao shops I like ^-^ But there are taobao services too! I don’t actually know of any physical shops existing. You wrote of the great gatsby bag!! I love it, have it too! Its my favourite bag 🙂 sigh….I wish they would bring down the prices of the clutches though as would really love to get the pride and prejudice one!

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