This dear peach pleated dress was a wonderful find from Inhousefashion (Bugis Street Level 2,csl c9/10(La Belle) !~


3 responses to “Pleats;

  • Ivy

    How do you maintain pleats? I can never get them back to their original state after the 1st wash because I ironed them out. Gosh. And dry cleaning only applies to the more expensive buys. So what can I do for pleated fashion buys from cheap blogshops?

    • unefilleelegante

      Hello!!~~ sorry for my late reply as I must have missed this message! For pleats I try to do my own folding and iron them with the folds, if it makes sense. So when the iron presses down it restores the character and structure of the pleats 🙂 But it might take more ironing than usual!~~ does it work??~~

  • Ivy

    I get what you mean. Thanks for the tip but oh what a lot of work…Guess I will stay off pleats for now, till I purchase a steamer iron. =)

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