Salmon Jack

M, one of the Bibimbap Lawyers and a good friend, recently put up this series of photographs which I absolutely love, haha! He’s that random Korean dude at the corner. You always need a random Asian dude.

So awesome. Willy Waldo is also part of the pack! I love Willie Waldo. Used to spend hours on the prowl to find him.

I miss M, aw.

Curious about what the band looks like? I’ll give anything to turn up one night! Why don’t they have such bands in Singapore.

I’m pretty old school. I go by a particular creed (picked up from the page)

You say Lady Gaga, I say Led Zeppelin

You say Hannah Montana, I say Beatles

You say Owl city, I say Deep Purple

You say Jonas Brothers, I say The Rolling Stones

You say Justin Bieber, i say Queen

You say Taylor Swift, i say Guns & Roses

I first listened to Guns & Roses when I was 3, as my maid was a big fan. I was living November Rain and Sweet Child of Mine and all that, and really old school stuff. I was into hard and soft rock as a kid. I swayed for pop a bit due to popular culture when I was 11-12, discovered musicals when I was on a trip to London at 13, and from musicals fell in love with jazz and old school 40s from 13-19. Classical/opera was actually a more recent pick up after the influence of some friends in my life. I would say jazz is still my leading music, and my downfall, haha! But I am actually exceptionally random and prone to influences.

But I grew up on oldies. All the good music. And I’m not afraid to say I love Guns & Roses, Zeppelin, Eagles, Beatles! As G says, totally old school and uncool, but G and I are not afraid to eat popsicles and wear plaid shirts and polka dot ties, and we are looking forward to that Air Supply concert on May 15!


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