I love Katherine Hepburn. She is my favourite actress and inspirational figure of all time.

Hepburn and Tracy were nothing if not extraordinary. While preserving their individuality, they united to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. As Tracy says to Hepburn in Pat and Mike, in a line that could have been written by Tracy himself and that finally tapers off in to infinity, ‘What’s good for you is good for me is good for you…’

— Molly Haskell (From Rape to Reverence: the Treatment of Women in Film)

Ava Gardner – Stunningly beautiful in her own right.

Ginger Rogers – What spirit, what a cat!

Gene Tierney

Anita Ekberg

Elizabeth Taylor. I don’t love her, but she does have that smouldering look.

Anthony Perkins

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, have been married for 63 years. I really love this shot. Irving, this is for you. There can be love that lasts forever.

Source: deforest


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