Pleated Moitie

It is election weekend, which is terribly exciting! I have been panda-eyed all week from the rallies and videos! I think this has made out to be one of the most exciting elections season as yet, especially with the impact of new media.

I shall not discuss my votes and preferences, since this blog is not meant to be vaguely political or even serious, at all.

Instead lets indulge in superficial frivolities, haha!

Like this sailor hat I am actually contemplating to get for Tempura. N, my new roommate (old now, after two weeks) says he thinks it is scary the way cat owners anthromorphize cats. I love having N by my side, by the way. He is awesome. Irving – he is like W, he is minimalist in style and sense, we talk happily about photography, he has this stunning 1950s Leica, it is so comfortable talking to him in the midst of work. He is the buddy who makes my work bearable. But no one can replace you, Irving, so no worries.

Little Sailor

Little Sailor

Little Sailor

This Sailor went to sea-sea-sea
to see what she could see-see-see
but all that she could see-see-see
Was a hat and collar just for she!

The first cat looks like Ophelia. I was actually meant to adopt this adorable black and brown kitten, whom I named my little Ophelia, when I visited C to get a kitten. But she always seemed to be hiding from me, and it was little Tempura who came to rub her nose into my palm. So it was little affectionate Tempura who cried ‘wee wee wee’ all the way home.

Also in love with this new book that I got from Books Actually, this overpriced, but quaint bookstore in Singapore. I love their artbooks collection, and I think Soon Lee must be a really cool dude to have built up such a gorgeous collection. And I really like Henri Cartier-Bresson too.

The book, “Creative Spaces – Urban Homes of Artists and Innovaters” is a stunning piece of the living spaces of milk-toof like artists, and short little interviews with them. I love picking the minds of artists and writers, which explains my fondness for the Paris Reviews. They are so fun!


Creative Space


The rooms are all rather pop-culture-ish, which is not really my design aesthetic, but boy do they tell intriguing stories.

Haphazard beauty.

Also got a copy of Vogue Living. Another gorgeous edition, and the living spaces are smoky, pensive and romantic. The house below is owned by David Bromley.






What will it be like growing up in such a home?


On another jumpy note, thanks to Karmen, who had remembered, I found my dream dress this week! It was the dress which first got me into EGL, and for years I have been searching for it, and it has always been my favourite Moi meme Moitie creation.

It is actually a very simple navy/black pleated creation with the signature Moitie Renaissance sleeves, but I have a certain fondness for it being the first dress I fell in love with from Moitie. It is not a really popular dress, but I had been hoping to find it for 6 years. Thank you Karmen for finding my dream dress for me!~ ^-^

I feel happier this week, more at home with myself.


Romancing life.

My life is running like a perpetual calender.

Vintage Perpetual Calendar No. 4

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

“And sure enough, a moment later there was a knock on the back door. Mrs. Weasley jumped up and hurried to it; with one hand on the doorknob and her face pressed against the wood she called softly, “Arthur, is that you?” “Yes,” came Mr. Weasley’s weary voice. “But I would say that even if I were a Death Eater, dear. Ask the question!” “Oh, honestly …” “Molly!” “All right, all right … What is your dearest ambition?” “To find out how airplanes stay up.” Mrs. Weasley nodded and turned the doorknob, but apparently Mr. Weasley was holding tight to it on the other side, because the door remained firmly shut. “Molly! I’ve got to ask you your question first!” “Arthur, really, this is just silly. …” “What do you like me to call you when we’re alone together?” Even by the dim light of the lantern Harry could tell that Mrs. Weasley had turned bright red; he himself felt suddenly warm around the ears and neck, and hastily gulped soup, clattering his spoon as loudly as he could against the bowl. “Mollywobbles,” whispered a mortified Mrs. Weasley into the crack at the edge of the door.”

Vintage Art Chart - Forest Animals

Vintage Wooden Egg Cup Girl Set

Vintage Chemical Bottle with Glass Stopper

Pretty mysteries from Littledot, Etsy

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” – Oscar Wilde
“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” — Oscar Wilde (The Critic as Artist)
“The growth of intimacy is like that. First one gives off his best picture, the bright and finished product mended with bluff and falsehood and humor. Then more details are required and one paints a second portrait, and a third—before long the best lines cancel out—and the secret is exposed at last; the planes of the pictures have intermingled and given us away, and though we paint and paint we can no longer sell a picture. We must be satisfied with hoping that such fatuous accounts of ourselves as we make to our wives and children and business associates are accepted as true.” – The Beautiful and the Damned
I love the track below…so heartening! Iwant to have a cocktail party, now…
Adalbert Lutter – Beim ersten Kuss (1936)  
Irving, I want to tell you this most – “Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry…when I take you out in the Surrey with the fringe on top…”
Nicotine, Jane Birkin
I never write down my dreams, I’m afraid it will encourage them.

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