A rose and a fair horse;

It feels like EVERYONE is getting married. I can count at least 11 friends’ pending weddings (I include engagements in the list). I have myself involved in some of them, like engagement parties. But it seems like I will be perpetually organizing, attending, everyone’s wedding and it is all so EXCITING but depressing at the same time as I am still lonely on a sunny island. Meanwhile I will revel in the post political season, enjoy the cocktails, listen to the endearing Melissa, buy too many dresses, read even more books, pat my cat, watch elusive Italian movies, drink earl grey ice cream floats (my new rush), finish my investigation report, learn linear regression properly, eat my waffles and listen to old records.

Irving please quick come to the sunny island quickly so I can cry into your shoulder and play for me the smartest violin concerto you can muster and tell me about your girl with blue eyes. Then at least this loneliness will be bearable! There are all these people around me but there is just no one like you, best friend.


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