Macbeth in the Park

The law girls and I went to watch Macbeth in the Park last week! We had so much fun and the picnic concept is fabulous, all sitting and waiting in the dark and the critiqing of Lady Macbeth’s awful acting and the strange modern elements and Pang’s nice sword-mangling. We really enjoyed ourselves when all is said and done and though not the best version of Shakespeare, was rather enjoyable watching live theatre in such a context!

WN made little white wine jellies with grapes, and potato pies. I made beef ghoulash and brought the salad. We had moscato and tea, and Carolyn brought the bread. We sat on a polka dotted TABLECLOTH from Daiso and it was all so random and fun haha.

My picnic gear ^-^

Beef ghoulash preparation involved – onions, garlic, beef, pepper, red capsicums, potatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, paprika…so much fun cooking again! ^-^ I love making tomato-based dishes…This beef ghoulash was to be eaten with baguettes.

So many people at the place! I also saw this cute crowd at the front which had brought black Chanel paper bags for their food, silk picnic blankets, crystal champagne glasses and Thai silk pillows *lol

Some snippets from the performance:


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