Vera Vague;

Sometimes I think it is marvellous to step back into a film noir universe, and when I do I think of “Laura“. It wasn’t the best, but it was a smoky, decadent black and white romance.

Tonight, watched TRAVAUX, ON SAIT QUAND ÇA COMMENCE at the Alliance Francaise theatre. So zany and absurd, makes me want to dance to Spanish music, paint my walls bright pink, and hide a chicken in the wall. Let me spoil the plot for you that at the end of the movie, Hugh Grant walks in holding a bag of goldfish.

Chantal Letellier is a “wonderful woman.” She’s a lawyer. She always wins her cases. In her professional life she’s a heavyweight, but in her private life she’s a pushover. She’s divorced – and didn’t even litigate – and is saddled with two teenage kids who are very well brought up in a bad kind of way. When it comes to love, think “desert” – she’s got no time. But flesh is weak and one night she lets loose with a client. Undoes a few buttons and then a few buttons more. He falls madly in love with her and settles in. To get rid of him, she undertakes major renovations with the intention of making the house unlivable.

I am not very sure on how I feel about french movies. But then I watch one and I watch the next one again and again. I suppose it means I like them, the way I would see someone I like again and again. Sometimes there are terrifically bad moments, so bad that they remain in your mind like a octopus monster in a french ballet dancer’s room in a queer movie. Sometimes the moments are tender, sexy, delicate. I remember the days in jc of eating cheese and watching french movies without subtitles which I didn’t understand. But laughter, spirit on screen is contagious. It is something like that.

Its a bit like looking through the lenses of someone else, certain french movies. You nibble a little on a piece of someone’s mind.

The models used in that famous American Gothic painting.

warningdontreadthis: The models used in the “American Gothic” painting.


 Met E and J for dinner again…sashimi and gelato…so much like old times.

J’s an ENTJ like me! Looking back at the old photo….somehow it is just surreal how all the years have passed…And soon E will be married soon!

I think the world turns while I still remain very much a child… being happy with my little cup of matcha gelato.


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